Mt. Gilead Baptist Church
Saturday, April 20, 2024
Loving God - Loving others

Small Groups

We believe that man's first response to God is to be through worship.  Our second response to God is to love others and to grow as disciples.  We use our small group ministry to help us love one another through fellowship, through Bible study and through discipleship.  We accomplish this through three types of small groups:
Sunday School
Sunday School is our small groups that meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.  They meet in various rooms around our church and there is a class suitable for all ages from birth to the oldest senior adult.  The focus of our Sunday School is Bible study in a smaller setting to allow time for discussion and to find ways to apply the Scripture to life.  This is a convenient time for small group studies because parents have the opportunity to have their children in appropriate classes just for their age.
2:42 Groups
Our 2:42 Groups are based on the design pictured in Acts 2:42 -
Acts 2:42  And they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers. (ESV) 
It is our desire that we recreate the same atmosphere of fellowship and unity that the early New Testament church practiced.  Our 2:42 groups meet in homes around the area with the primary focus of fellowship, studying God’s Word and praying together.  The home setting gives an incredible opportunity to grow and develop real, loving relationships with other people.  While most of our 2:42 Groups meet on Sunday evenings, others meet throughout the week.  To learn more about the 2:42 ministry or to join a group contact Fred Thompson.
Discipleship Groups
Our discipleship groups meet on an "as needed" basis.  These groups are topically oriented such as finances, marriage, parenting, etc.  We have a Discovering Mt. Gilead class which meets on Sunday mornings to help people learn what it means to be a member and part of the family at Mt. Gilead.  These classes do not meet on a regular schedule so check with the church office for the current classes being taught.